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Design Review Request:
When to Submit

 In general, all changes made to the exterior of a home, any accessory or other item on the lot (e.g., hot tub, play structure), or change made to the lot, requires a Design Review Request (DRR), completed by the homeowner. No work should begin until the homeowner receives a written DRC approval.

NOTE: An “after the fact” DRR application is required for improvements started or completed prior to receiving DRC approval. The application fee in this case is $150. The application may be accepted or denied. If denied, the improvement will need to be modified or removed at the homeowner’s expense.  

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Design Review Request:
Not Required For

• Composting
• Flag poles attached to the home; a maximum of two (2) poles are permitted per property. Freestanding flagpoles require DRC approval
• Exterior painting/staining of a black wrought iron fence or privacy fence where paint/stain is the same as currently used, and was previously approved by the DRC
• Gardens
•Invisible Fence-Pet containment systems (i.e., that provide invisible, safe boundaries to keep a pet within property boundaries; dog runs require DRC approval)
• Portable fire pits
• Rain barrels
• Replacement of address numbers with those having the same size, location, and color
• Replacement of broken roof tiles (e.g., during the installation of solar panels; roof tiles must match existing tiles)
• Replacement of built-in components (i.e., fridge, sink, grill) in an existing, approved outdoor kitchen. Changing sizes of these components, which would result in a change to the configuration of the outdoor kitchen, requires DRC approval
• Satellite Dish Systems (reference Antennae)
• Security Lighting.

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