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Trash Toters

  1. New Built homes will be given one trash toter at closing.
  2. The HOA has provided each Heritage Hills address with one trash toter and that toter must be left with the house when residents move.


Per Section 3.11 of the Heritage Hills Covenants, trash receptacles may only be placed outside at such times as may be necessary to permit garbage or trash pick-up.

The coordinating Community Standard that was adopted states: The receptacle/toter should only be placed out at the curb between 5pm the day before trash removal and stored by 10pm the day the trash is removed.

The City of Lone Tree is one of only two Colorado cities that provide residential trash services, free of charge, to its residents. The City contracts with Pro Disposal Inc. to provide those services. Visit the City of Lone Tree website to view Your Guide to Trash and Recycling Services.         

Your weekly trash and recycling pick-up day is determined based on your neighborhood. Trash service occurs on the same day every week and recycling service occurs every-other week.
Below is an overview of trash days based on where your home is located within the City. On a week with a holiday trash will be picked up a day later.

  1. Monday: Heritage Hills (except homes on Sunset Hill Circle, Sunset Hill Drive and Sunset Hill Place)
  2. Tuesday: Heritage Hills homes on Sunset Hill Circle, Sunset Hill Drive and Sunset Hill Place in Heritage Hills

There is no additional cost for recycling services. Pro Disposal, Inc provides residential single- stream recycling to Lone Tree residents. Single-stream recycling gives customers the ability to mix recyclable paper, plastic and glass in one bin. Recycling is picked up every other week.

Recycling can be placed in a City of Lone Tree bin (available at the City Offices or through Pro Disposal) or in a recycle cart.



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