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PROGRAM: In order to protect water quality, here are some questions you can ask before hiring a home service contractor:

Painting Services

1). What type of paint will you use? Latex paints are more resource-friendly and can be used for most applications in place of more hazardous oil-based paints. It is best to use to the least toxic alternative to protect water quality.

2). How and where do you clean your equipment? Equipment should never be cleaned so that the wash water runs into the street. Latex paints may be cleaned up inside with soap and water and are considered disposable in a sanitary sewer at diluted conditions. Oil paints are cleaned with hydrocarbons, always in a container, and the cleaning fluid reused after solids have settled, dried, and are disposed of in the trash.

For questions regarding the above information, please call Heritage Hills Storm Sewer Department at (303) 792-7357 or the City of Lone Tree Storm Department at (303) 662-8112.


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