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Dogs must be on a leash in Heritage Hills (unless they are on the owner’s property and under the control of their owner)

See Heritage Hills Covenants, Article 1, Section 3.12.

Pets are not allowed out of their owner's yard except when properly leashed. Owners are responsible for accompanying leashed pets and the clean up of pet excrement. Also, owners are financially responsible and liable for any damage caused by their pets.

No animal of any kind is allowed which makes an unreasonable amount of noise or odor, or is a nuisance.

Douglas County and City of Lone Tree have leash laws. 

The HOA does not have the authority or ability to deal with animal issues. 

Anyone observing a leash violation should immediately call the Lone Tree Police at 303-339-8150.

For additional information: http://www.dcso.com/ac_laws_N.htm


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